Allen de la Rosa

DSC_0262Allen has been playing and performing for the past fifteen years after first learning how to play the guitar from his father and brother/band mate Aaron. He studied at Coelho’s Academy of Music in Santa Maria and decided to pursue music in San Diego, where he enjoys writing music for and performing in bands such as Foreign Film, Science Fiction Jazz, and with various singer/songwriters. His main instrument of choice and educational background comes from guitar, but he also plays the ukulele and rocks the bass in QUEL BORDEL! In his spare time, Allen practices Filipino martial arts, reads comic books, blabbers on about Star Wars, eats California burritos, and takes short walks along the beach.


-Astrological sign: Cancer, same birthday as Randy Jackson

-Drink of choice: Jameson with a side of bottled Coke

-Favorite quote: “To live is to sleep, to die is to awaken.” – Bob, from the movie La Bamba

-Weapon in zombie apocalypse: long staff

-Favorite bands: Soulive, The Mars Volta, Minus the Bear, Broken Social Scene, the Squirrel Nut Zippers

-Equipment: Audix Mics, Sterling bass, Ampeg amp